SuperPod is excited to announce a new sponsorship deal with, the online meeting place inside the metaverse.

Gather makes spending time with your communities just as easy as real life, based around fully customisable spaces that allow people to interact in a more personal way. The Wall Street Journal called Gather “What you get when you smash together a 1990s-era videogame and Zoom.”

The fine folks at Gather have agreed to host the next SuperPod event, SuperPod P4RTY, on their platform. This will allow us to have our own unique conference-style event space, which we are in the process of building. There will be the Main Hall where you can listen to our great live podcasts, spaces to play games with other attendees, areas where you can learn all about the podcasts appearing at the event (and some others too) and areas where you can talk to others about your favourite podcasts or anything else that takes your fancy.

We’ll be announcing more features of the SuperPod P4RTY space soon, so keep your eyes peeled to our social channels. And keep checking back for more information on how you can enter the metaverse and enjoy SuperPod P4RTY for yourself.